Why Choose North Commercial?

Experience | Knowledge

Between them Lee and Ryan hold over 25 years real estate experience and have been involved in a broad range of transactions. Both Lee and Ryan have worked in the Brisbane and Darwin commercial property markets and have an acute understanding of what tenants and purchasers are looking for and the skills and experience required to achieve the best result for their client.

Fresh | Motivated

Consistent with the broader trend across all industries the commercial property market is undergoing significant and rapid change on an ongoing basis. We recognise that and believe that unless the best available resources are adopted and optimised, it is not possible to provide the best quality of service to our customers.

North Commercial NT strive to be an industry leader so that our clients can gain the most out of their commercial property activities and maximise their portfolios.

Local | Independent

North Commercial NT is a locally owned family business. Having grown up in Darwin, Lee and Ryan have a good understanding of the local history and therefore an appreciation as to why the dynamics of the Darwin economy and business can vary from other markets around Australia.

We believe that Darwin is the most exciting capital city in Australia, its location and resources offer extraordinary potential.

Specialist | Focused

Lee and Ryan both spent time away from Darwin to gain education and experience that were not available in Darwin at that time, both spending years working in the industrial property market in Brisbane. Upon returning to Darwin they recognised an opportunity in the fact that due to the lack of alternatives, people and businesses would often have to take on roles and/or projects that were outside of their core business.

We recognise that if you focus your attention on your core business that you will be best positioned to achieve outstanding results for your clients.

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